Client Partners

National Operations Training Manager, Financial Services

Denis is the ultimate professional. He is able to very quickly build relationships with large groups of people with varied backgrounds and experience. He supported a Management Development program with design, input and delivery. This was a 10 month program. We have had 2 intakes - and the results are remarkable. The group has continues to rave about the program and the engagement results for this particular group of leaders has shifted more than 10% in 12 months. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Denis and am impressed with his ability to build concepts, support others and encourage openness and commitment to try new things. Thank you Denis.


Non Executive Director, Executive Coach, Strategy Advisor

I have had the pleasure of partnering with Denis both as a client, and as a participant in his General Management and Personal Branding courses. Although it was a long time ago that I was a participant, I still remember the course as the most transformative and valuable in my career. When I engaged Denis as a business partner to help me transform the culture of my business unit, Denis was able to create an individually tailored leadership program which, through its innovative design, created development experiences for each individual that were linked to business outcomes and deliverables. It is Denis' ability to deliver a return on investment through leadership development that makes Denis a stand out in a sea of consultants who promise but don't deliver. I highly recommend Denis to any company.


Technology Operations Manager, Insurance

Denis facilitated a residential Leadership Development Program for senior managers within my organisation. His knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for both inidvidual and group development was evident during the program. Denis' commitment to developing leadership capability extends across a number of industries and is well supported by his presence in private practice. I would highly recommend Denis to any individual or organisation seeking to develop the full potential of their leaders.


Senior HR Professional in Human Capital, Business Transformation and Change

I had the pleasure to work with Denis for several years as a colleague and also as a participant in one of his programs. Denis is a highly skilled and collaborative leadership development professional who designs programs that are innovative, thought provoking and deeply impactful. He is a great facilitator and creates a positive and safe learning environment for participants. I would recommend Denis as an ideal program designer, facilitator, coach or mentor for any organisation or individual.


Group Manager, Government and Industry Relations

I consider Denis to be a very positive person who has excellent relationship management skills. He is consultative, innovative, and empathic and he implemented a series of leadership development programmes for executives, senior managers and middle managers at my company. In my experience these programmes set a quality benchmark for the balance of theory and practice, informative and stimulating. Each programme built on the experience of previous ones, ensuring continuous improvement. The programmes challenged participants, not only in their thinking, but in achieving tangible business objectives. I highly recommend Denis.


Global Leadership and Organisational Development Manager, International Professional Services Firm

Denis is a seasoned leadership development professional who is a trusted and invaluable consultant, adviser and facilitator in our organisation. Denis has co designed and facilitated leadership programs targeting graduates through to senior leaders. He receives exemplary feedback from all participants and works seamlessly with our internal Learning and Development team to deliver programs with lasting impact. He has successfully facilitated programs in our offices across Australia, NewZealand, Asia and the UK. Denis has also become a valued friend.


Senior Risk and Compliance Manager, Insurance

I have worked with Denis both on a 1:1 and group basis. Denis facilitated and created a Senior Leadership Program of which I was a participant. This program was seen by all and sundry as an innovative improvement to Leadership Training in the Group. The program led to my working with other senior leaders in the organisation to deliver a more effective and efficient reporting process to our Board. This was one of five streams that led to real improvements in the business. On a 1:1 basis, Denis worked with me on a coaching and mentoring perspective. I found Denis to be both personable, intelligent and highly knowledgeable during our sessions together. He also constructively challenged me to explore my leadership style and its impact both on myself and other stakeholders. The results of the 1:1 coaching sessions have led me to be more aware of my leadership style, strengths and weaknesses and provided an overall perspective of what is really important to me as an individual and team member. I would recommend Denis as an ideal program facilitator, coach or mentor for any organisation or individual.


Global Talent and Succession Management Director, Medical Research and Manufacturing

I was introduced to Dr Denis Bourke by a leader in our business who, in a previous organisation, had witnessed Denis facilitate a number of Executive leadership programs. Denis’ work was described as: “first class”, “highly engaging” and “extremely effective”. When Denis and I first met there was a real synergy in terms of mindset and passion for business improvement through succession management and effective leadership development. Our meetings resulted in my being coached by Denis through what I would class as a very thought-provoking Personal Branding program. The output of our discussions was great clarity in terms of my values and of what I truly stand for. I highly recommend Denis’ work to any Senior Executive, OD professional or Entrepreneur that is seeking to better understand his/her own unique Leadership style. Denis’ integrity, intellect, sense of humour and professionalism are second to none.


Office Manager, Manufacturing

Denis has provided high quality leadership development services to our company on a number of different occasions. The courses provided were of excellent quality and were quite innovative in there application. The proof of this quality is that a large number of the participants in the courses have moved into senior roles in the company. I would recommend Dennis and his services without hesitation.


Head of Divisional Development, Science and Technology

I had the privilege of attending one of Denis' development programs, which was a truly valuable experience. The program was well-structured and maximised the opportunities for attendees to learn, absorb and practice new management skills. Through innovative techniques and creating a very human environment, Denis has a great ability to get the most out of participants and made us feel comfortable stepping out of our comfort zones. I look forward to being a part of many more programs facilitated by Denis.


International Head of HR, Property and Infrastructure

Denis is an outstanding leader who led our HR function through a period of substantial organisational change. He transformed the organisation's approach to leadership development, and re-designed the management of top talent from a collection of adhoc initiatives to a structured program linked to business strategy and which addressed individual executive's development needs. Denis has a passion for leadership development which translates into a constant strive for excellence in all of the programs he is involved with. I have no hesitation in recommending Denis as a leader and as a leading expert in leadership development and talent management.


CEO, International Manufacturing

I have been working together with Denis for the last 10 years during several Leadership Development Program sessions in our Asia Pacific offices and I can clearly state that working with him, based on the outstanding results and outcomes for our organisations, has certainly made my Asia Pacific regional job considerably easier. 
Denis has demonstrated time and again that he adapts quickly and well to the dynamics of change in this wide region with his innovative program design. He is a thoughtful and perceptive facilitator well attuned to the demands of the region, collaborating extremely well with his stakeholders. I have been very impressed by his knowledge and skills. His work was always well organized, involving a high level of engagement and activity with our team players. Denis comes across as a very thorough, careful and creative trainer and I have no doubt he will continue to maintain these high standards for the rest of his career.


Small Business Founder and International Strategy Consultant

Denis brings to executive teams a sharp intellectual mind that greatly enhances the group's ability to function at a high level of performance. With extensive personal management experience, Denis is one of the very few who can combine the consultant's insights as an external observer, with real world capacity for understanding how those insights need to be conveyed at an operational level across the organisation


Senior Learning Manager, International Bank

I have worked with Denis on a number of leadership and management development programs for team leaders through to senior leaders. His ideas for program design are innovative and challenge participants to stretch themselves. He is always interested in the latest thinking and alternative perspectives. Denis' work results in observable changes in behaviour and mindset, which impact performance and culture. We have seen individuals and teams clearly changed as a result of the programs. He brings a collaborative and outcome focused approach and is generous with his ideas and expertise. Working with Denis has been a highlight in my career.


National HR Manager, Building Services

Denis is a skilled HR professional with particular strengths in the design and delivery of tailored innovative solutions in the leadership development space. The learning from one of Denis' leadership programmes has been invaluable to me in my various roles as a people and HR leader. I would thorougly recommend Denis' services to any organisation looking to develop and stretch their leaders.


HR Manager, Europe, UK and Middle East

I have known Denis for a few years essentially within the Senior Talent capacity. Denis kindly supported our business in the provision of Senior Level Coaching and Feedback. More recently we have had the pleasure of Denis’ high level expertise through development of an innovative Senior Leadership Programme, a most successful experience. From a personal perspective working with Denis is always an absolute pleasure, his collaborative approach has forged very strong partnerships both here in the UK and across the globe. During the recent programme it was clearly evident that he has a unique ability to connect with everyone, the way people attentively listened, questioning and hanging on to gain from his wealth of knowledge. The outcome and programme results have most certainly exceeded expectations, due to the careful design, knowledge wealth through delivery and Denis’ exceptional ability to engage with people as soon as they come in to contact with him. His natural ability to create motivation and drive in moving forward not only delegates, but your own personal development is a great bonus! If you have the pleasure to work with Denis’ I know you will get all of the above, and more!