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The Academy presents a comprehensive and exciting approach to your blended learning requirements.  Click on the icon below for more information.


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Resilience, Mindfulness and Positive Psychology 

Positive Psychological principles have become increasingly prevalent in the workplace in recent years due to the now well-documented links between well-being and business outcomes (such as reduced staff turn over, reduced absenteeism and presenteeism, increased profitability).

Positive Psychology is fundamentally about high performance and studies have shown:

  • Positive emotions lead directly to better teamwork, better customer evaluations and better organisational citizenship behaviours.
  • Resilience is associated with successfully navigating workplace pressure, challenges and change.
  • Mindfulness improves attention skills, reduces anxiety and stress, fosters compassion and altruism, and leads to less emotional reactivity.
  • The opportunity to use Strengths enables organisations to get the best out of its people. 

We consultant to organisations on how to harness the findings from scientific research into optimal functioning. Key services include:

  • Staff Professional Development (through workshops / training programs)
  • Assistance with strategic planning and implementation
  • Positive Leadership Development / Executive Coaching
  • Stress Management

All programs are evidence-based and designed and facilitated by our Registered Psychologist, Michael Hines.