Why We Exist and What We Stand For


CED facilitates the exploration and exploitation of individual and organisational potential in the area of personal and professional learning and development. 


We do this through the provision of advice and assistance in: 

  • Learning and development programs;
  • Individual and group coaching; and,
  • Talent and succession management strategy.


We look forward to an environment in which the individuals, teams and groups with whom we are privileged to work, clearly understand and appreciate: 

  • That it is better to be a first-rate version of themselves, than a second-rate version of someone else;
  • That all the rules of what is possible are negotiable; and,
  • Where, when and how they can maximise their potential effectiveness.


We realise these things described above through an enduring commitment to the following principles: 

It’s all about you

We have a deeply held commitment to revealing the potential that resides within each individual.  We believe in, and respect, the special nature and spirit of each individual.  It’s not about us, it’s all about you – our CED representatives leave their egos at the door.

Make it count

We start each day with purpose and strive to finish each day with a sense of accomplishment. We treat your business as if it was our own – your challenges are our business.


Dig deep

We understand, and are familiar with, the potential of “what if?”, and “why not?”  We are interested in the answers to questions that probe behind generalisations and motherhood statements.


Share the knowledge

We prefer to collaborate with you in a way that enables you to mitigate against ‘consultant dependency’ – we are learning oriented, development focused and comfortable in working with you and your team to assist them in learning, and developing, the CED approach.


Keep it real

We enable an easy transfer of knowledge through a practical and grounded approach to your development challenges.  We are clear on our field of expertise.  We know what we are good at, and we also know what needs to be left to others.  If you require something that we do not have, we will assist you in trying to find someone who can help you.


If these attributes reflect the sort of organisation that you would feel comfortable in partnering, contact us now at denis@ced.com.au, or on +61 (0)425 224 943 and we can begin the conversation.