Leading To Success


 One of the biggest challenges for any Manager of Leader is to have everyone heading in the same direction, and helping you in this area is something that we specialise in. Isn't it easier when everyone "gets it", when they are all "on the same page", when you can focus on the future, and not on the past?


There are reasons why not everyone sees things as you do.

  • They focus on blue sky rather than getting the job done (The Asronomer)
  • They get caught up in the detail can't see where they are headed (The Wheel-Spinner)
  • They live in the past (The Historian), and
  • They simply go around in circles without extending into new territory (The Lap Runner).


The Astronomer

Focused on strategy but execution remains a dream, or something left for other to do? This challenge is often driven by attitudes of "it's easier", "I don't know how to execute", or "I've tried before and failed". The Leading To Success workshop centres Participants on how to succeed and get those important runs on the board.


The Wheel-Spinner

When Managers and Leaders sink into the detail and can't, or won't, see the big picture, it's time to call them to account. Leaders set visions, and inspire and motivate their followers to great heights. Details are simple, anyone can look busy going nowhere, but it takes courage and fire to treat the business as their own. When we reach this point, our Participants are ready to step away from spinning their wheels and assume the role of Managers and Leaders of vision, innovation and excitement.


The Historian

Are your managers re-living the past and making the same mistakes over and over? Whatever happened to learning organisations? It's easy to 'plough the same paddock' - no surprises. Hindsight is 100% accurate - the rear-view approach to managing and leading. If I avoid the future 'unknown' I can stay safe in my comfort zone - no risk. All this adds up to a lack of momentum. We can spark the initiative that lies within and set your Participants on a more productive future.


The Lap Runner

If you see inaction and your Managers and Leaders are going around in circles, it might be that there are no consequences for those actions. No-one is holding anyone to account, no-one has been given permission to break out of the downward spiral, and the 'know-how' to succeed has long gone. Our Leading to Success program aims to break that cycle and drives Participants to defining their own accountability. That way, they take responsibility for the achievement of their own objectives.


Who Is This For? 

Our suite of Leading To Success programs are for up to 24 mid-level employees per group who provide a challenge for you as the Manager/Leader and who you would like to move to a 'higher' plane or responsibility, thought, presence and activity.


To decide on your best approach, or to discuss how you could co-develop a solution that will focus on your requirements, contact Denis Bourke now at denis@ced.com.au, or on +61 (0)425 224 943.