Inside Out Leadership


Leaders are not one-dimensional, and neither is our Inside Out Leadership© program. Professional leaders are aware of their inner, outer, and 'out-there' brands, and they know how to capitalise on their strengths with purpose, authority, and for the benefit of those around them.


Who Is This For? 

The Inside Out Leadership© program is for groups of up to sixteen senior managers and executives who are interested in the power of an aligned inner and outer brand. From an acute level of self-awareness, to advice and assistance with matters of personal style and presence, and a glimpse of the future, IOL can deliver.


How Does It Work? 

In partnership with Jean Woo, a CED Associate and Australia's leading proponent of 'You Express', we will take you on a twelve month development program, sparked off with a three-day intensive workshop that focuses on the inner you and your outer expression of the leader-in-waiting.

At the six-month point, we meet again for another injection of experience that picks up on individual developments and achievements. Over the entire twelve months we communicate and meet with each participant, and so extend the 'learning halo'.


What Do You Get? 

This comprehensive and extended program stays with you over a twelve month cycle of learning and development. You will experience:

  • The first four sessions of Personal Branding DNA. If you then decide to continue with PBDNA coaching, this portion of your program fee is credited to your total PBDNA investment.
  • Practical advice and assistance from Jean Woo, Australia's Thought Leader in the area of outer branding.
  • Detailed individual feedback and presentation of your own Occupational Personality Report and Leadership Report from one of the world's leading assessment centres.
  • Practical suggestions and ideas on management and leadership challenges that confront you.
  • Valuable information and practice at impactful presentation styles and techniques.
  • A glimpse of the future from one of Australia's most prominent Futurists.