Led by Denis Bourke, the Centre for Executive Development (CED) is an Australian-based consulting practice in the area of leadership and management development and the world is our workplace.


If you believe, as we believe, in the ability of individuals, teams and organisations to explore and exploit their unrealised potential in search of an unexpected level of achievement, we can work together.

We design and deliver programs that we continue to refine, review and rebuild to reflect your world. While we bring extensive experience through the application of our methodology, we apply an open and enquiring mind in terms of potential and possibility.

Our development programs, coaching protocols, and top-tier talent and succession management approach are explained below.

We look forward to meeting you.


Leadership and Management Development

Audit, design and facilitation of frameworks and applied learning programs, case study authoring and facilitation, executive study tours.  From Executive groups to Middle Manager, Frontline Supervisors and Team Leaders, adults learn best by doing – practical, easily implemented and designed around your organisational and cohort needs.

 If you are responsible for the development of leadership and management capability in your organisation, we can help. 

With many years of practical experience, underpinned by rigorous theory and applied research, the CED Principal and Associates are well placed to provide you with readily implementable, tailored and practically oriented development solutions.  These solutions are based on your needs and should be in line with your organisation's strategic direction.

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If you are a senior member of your organisation and you have been focused on the development of those around you, you will reach a point where you wonder; "What about me?  Where am I going with my career?  What is my next step, and how do I take that step?"  CED can provide help in career coaching, and so you should speak with us as soon as you can.  

You and your career are too important to put off until a time in the future when decisions might be controlled by others.

Whether you require career direction, performance coaching or Personal Brand DNA™ coaching, we have engaging and experienced coaches to select from.  Personal Brand DNA coaching  –  a program focused on the distinctive, notable and authentic ‘you’ – is especially useful for senior managers and leaders who seek acute self awareness.


Talent and Succession Management Strategy

Design or audit of talent, succession and leadership processes and strategies.  Your talent and succession frameworks and processes and leadership development programs must be based on a solid foundation that is tied to, and aligned with, your business strategy.

From Board level to Executive leadership teams, you need to develop a talent management and succession strategy that focuses on the identification, assessment and development of your top talent.  Our experience in this area is second to none.

With the establishment of a clear and unambiguous link to your business strategy, your talent and succession management practices can be aligned with your organisation's evolving and emerging direction.