Executive Development Program


Our Executive Development Program (EDP) has been designed to allow participants to commence this corporate higher education pathway on terms that will realise measurable financial returns to the organisation. At the same time, a decision can be made by the employer and the employee as to the ability and readiness of the participant to complete a demanding, but rewarding, development program and, in some cases, to assess the participant's readiness to undertake a planned move to the C-suite.


Who Is This For? 

The EDP is provided for experienced senior and executive managers who have been earmarked for, and aspire to, more senior responsibilities within the organisation - future incumbents of your C-Suite. This is a twelve to eighteen month program that utilises the skills and experience of your top executives, combined with a sound base in the theory and practice of leadership principles, and an action project component that can realise a positive financial return on your company's investment.


How Does It Work? 

The EDP has three flexible learning pathways leading to post-graduate accreditation at one of Australia’s leading distance education institutions. The content of the program is defined in consultation with you so that you get what you want, rather than being given what a tertiary institution would like you to have.

Participants are typically drawn from your top-tier of talent and represent those who have been earmarked for higher responsibilities in your organisation. They are selected by your organisation, and with our assistance, on criteria that meet your needs, and which might all satisfy university requirements.

For the first year of the program, up to twenty participants meet each month for a four-day workshop. During this time a number of organisational themes are covered. At the same time, participants refine their action learning project which commences upon approval by the EDP convenors. At the end of the third semester, projects are presented to your company's Executive or Board.


What Do You Get? 

This program can lead to partial or full post-graduate accreditation. Your Participants can 'dip their toe into 'MBA waters' and will be on their way, but on pay-as-you-go terms through their project returns. Our experience is that measurable project returns can reach 200% to 300% of the program investment.


Your EDP is a significant investment but one which will provide you with a wealth of information on your top-talent.  Contact Denis Bourke now at denis@ced.com.au, or on +61 (0)425 224 943 and you can commence planning right away.