• If you are heading for higher responsibilities, do you understand what is distinctive, notable and authentic about yourself?
  • Are you at a cross-road in your career?
  • You have taken care of the development of your reports, but who is looking after you?
  • Are you on a defined and purposeful career plan, or are you just taking it as it comes?  If it is the latter, then anything will do.  Is that good enough for you?
  • Have you been thinking about this for some time but you just keep putting it off?  As Irwin Corey said: “If you don’t make your mind up soon, you’ll end up where you are going.”


Our coaching programs accommodate individuals and small groups and are ideal for aspiring leaders on their way up, or for existing leaders and managers who need some help.


Personal Branding DNA™ is an individual coaching program that can take you to an acute level of self-awareness and understanding. If you require a focused intervention in an issue that is challenging and demanding in terms of your own time and energy, we can help you to manage the situation through our Coaching for Results approach.


Personal Branding DNA

Whenever you interact with others, your Personal Brand is on show. Do you ever consider:

  • What makes you Distinctive?
  • What makes you Notable?, and
  • Who is the Authentic you?

If you have answers to these questions - Congratulations! - you are well on the road to a heightened state of self-awareness. And, if you don't have the answers, if you can't manage yourself from a position of conscious competence, if you aren't aware of what value (and values) you bring, how can you be expected to manage and lead others effectively and credibly?

The most fundamental piece in any aspiring, emerging, or existing leadership role is a deep understanding of your unique Personal Brand. We can work with you and your colleagues through our coaching programs so that you deliver from a conscious-competent position in your management and leadership roles.

Who Is This For? 

This is a great program for anyone who is preparing themselves, or who is being prepared, for more senior career responsibilities. Personal Branding DNA™ is also ideal for senior managers and executives who want to discover what makes them distinctive and notable, and who are searching for their authentic selves. The resulting acute level of self-awareness and insight reflects one of the most important attributes for any successful or emerging manager and leader.


Coaching For Results

You might be looking for help through the career maze.  Someone who can help you sort out a clear direction that will help you realise your potential.

On the other hand, you might be seeking success that builds on your already solid management or leadership base, or improvement in some aspect of your management or leadership life, we can assist you.

At other times, you might require a 'circuit breaker' or similar intervention to address a festering issue in your section, or department. We can also help you here.

Who Is This For? 

Our Coaching for Results program has been established for Senior Managers and Executives - individuals and small groups, who are at a decision point in their careers. Perhaps you would like to move to the next level of success in your leadership career, or maybe you have been trying to sort out a problem between a several of your staff with no success.


We can help. Contact Denis Bourke now at, or on +61 (0)425 224 943 and you can get to this issue that you have been putting off for too long.